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What is Pilates?

The Pilates Method is a form of exercise which was originally developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s. Originally called “Contrology” the basic principles of Pilates include; Precision, Control, Centering, Flow and Breathing. Pilates is now used in a variety of ways by health and fitness professionals because of its diverse benefits, these include;

Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention Enhanced Body Awareness
Improved Posture Reduction in Stress
Increased Flexibility Improved Movement Patterns
Increased Muscle Tone Improved Balance and Coordination
Pre/Post-Natal Exercise  

At MTM Rehabilitation Gym we have a wide range of STOTT® Pilates Equipment including; Reformers, Cadillac Trapeze Table and Stability Chair. We also use fitballs, rollers and other small apparatus within our Pilates sessions. As a rehabilitation gym we are focused on providing you with quality service and supervision, this means that all sessions will be conducted by a Pilates trained, Accredited Exercise Physiologist.

Pilates Sessions Offered
Session Type Length Price Style

(Instructor : Patient)

Initial Pilates Assessment 1 hour $80 1 : 1
Private Pilates Assessment 1 hour $80 1 : 1
Semi-Private Pilates Session 1 hour $45pp or 10
pack for $400
1 : 4

Initial Pilates Assessment

To get you started we will take your health history, discuss your goals and get all the information we need to design a specific Pilates program for you. During your assessment you will be taken through some basic Pilates exercises and we will discuss the type of Pilates session that would best suit your needs.

Private Pilates Session

We recommended Private Pilates Sessions when you require more personal attention to begin with or just simply prefer a more personal setting for your Pilates practise.

Semi-Private Pilates Session

Similar to a Private Session, you will be supervised and guided through your own Pilates program, including continual progressions and/or modifications. However these sessions will run with a maximum of four people per session. They are often the most popular option for people who prefer guidance during their Pilates practise, but do not necessarily require a one-on-one session.

Introductory Pilates Session

These sessions are designed for existing gym members who have already had an Initial Assessment and would like to attend the Semi-Private Pilates Sessions. We use this session to develop a specific Pilates Program for you and to familiarise yourself with some of the Pilates equipment that you may not be using as a part of your existing gym program.

Pilates Timetable
Clinical Pilates

This is run by a Physiotherapist and is usually recommended when you require physiotherapy treatment in conjunction with your Pilates program. These sessions will be run at MTM Physiotherapy in Duncraig, please contact them on 9246 4066 for more information or visit

For more information and pricing please contact us