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Low back pain

Low back pain is very common, with about 80% of Australians experiencing an episode within their lifetime. Non-specific low back pain accounts for most cases and occurs when pain has no identifiable cause. Other causes of low back pain are serious disease and trauma, however these are less common.

Exercise is a key part of managing lower back pain by providing both physical and psychological benefits. As pain can lead to avoiding activities and exercise, inactivity can result, thus producing a decline in health including the loss of physical fitness, muscle strength and cardio respiratory fitness. Ensuring you remain active will counter this. Living with pain can also be associated with strong moods and feeling, of anxiety and/or depression; performing exercise daily will enhance feelings of happiness and overall wellbeing, allowing you to focus on the more important things in life.

At MTM Rehabilitation the Exercise Physiologists are experienced in treating clients with low back pain. Individualised exercise programs that encompass many forms of exercise can be developed to manage your pain. These will include aerobic, resistance and Pilates exercise to get you fitter and stronger. We will be able to identify altered postural changes, joint loading and movement patterns that could be contributing to poor spinal mechanics, resulting in pain. Progressive and tailored exercise programs will increase spinal movement and strengthen trunk and abdominal muscles, increasing your physical function and activities of daily living. Leaving you feeling confident and comfortable performing activities.

Exercise is Medicine -

ACSM’s Exercise Management for Persons with Chronic Diseases and Disabilities

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